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PHONE : 1+818-720-3250

Warner bros Virtual Production

Technology Line Up 


34 Camera Optical Motion Capture camera Volume

25 feet by 25 feet capture volume, 4 person capture Volume with Facial Capture system from  Faceware and full body and hands capture with Synerial, and Rokoko Inertial motion capture suit.  


We provide Virtual production with Mo-Sys Star Tracker and Zero Density reality system with Optical Tracking into Unreal, Unity & Motion Builder


We provide green screen cyc studios, lights, and grip, Monitors and Video Cameras and Recorders multiviewer switcher and Keyer 

Mobile Motion Mocap studio

36 feet wide 16 feet deep 3 sided Cyc pre-lite depth is 45 feet and available with lights and Video village with 4K switcher, 4K 20x20 router, 4 x 4K hyper-deck