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Technology Line Up 


34 Camera Optical Motion Capture camera Volume

25 feet by 25 feet capture volume, 4 person capture Volume with Facial Capture system from  Faceware and full body and hands capture with Synerial, and Rokoko Inertial motion capture suit.  


We provide Virtual production with Mo-Sys Star Tracker and Zero Density reality system with Optical Tracking into Unreal, Unity & Motion Builder


We provide green screen cyc studios, lights, and grip, Monitors and Video Cameras and Recorders multiviewer switcher and Keyer 

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PHONE : 1+818-720-3250

Mobile Motion Mocap studio

36 feet wide 16 feet deep 3 sided Cyc pre-lite depth is 45 feet and available with lights and Video village with 4K switcher, 4K 20x20 router, 4 x 4K hyper-deck