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Irfan has been a systems integrator and a value-added reseller providing building state-of-the-art production and virtual production solutions worldwide for more than 25 years. He has designed, built, and installed state of the art production, virtual production, motion capture, and 3D animations solutions for producers, studios, and networks worldwide. Irfan has established relationships with Zero Density Reality, MO-SYS, stYpe, Blackmagic, Cubix computers, AJA, Unreal, Cartoni, Qualisys, Dymanixyz, Nansence, Rokoko, Faceware Hitachi, Panasonic, Evertz, Fujinon, Canon.Sumo Lights, Fluotec Lights We grin Lights, etc. Mobile Motion Mocap is his state of the art production company which combines digital environments, digital characters, digital props, live actors, and practical locations to create broadcast quality and UHD film, television, animation, and apps.

MARK R. HARRIS | Executive Producer

Mark R. Harris’ extraordinary career began on Wall Street, providing him with the strong, financial background from which he became a pioneer in both talent management and film and television production packaging. In 1983, as an agent, he pioneered the concept of representing independent producers to form their own television production companies where they owned the negatives of their movies and created film libraries. Harris packaged the most successful television series of all time, “Baywatch.” Harris also launched many output deals with Showtime Networks to produce and distribute programs internationally. Among his clients were the Producers of (The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, The Saint, and Clear and Present Danger) and IRS World Media. While under Mark’s auspices, Regent launched several successful films including the Academy Award-winner for Best Adapted Screenplay, Gods and Monsters. Other awards included "Gods and Monsters" Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for Sir Ian McKellen (Best Actor and Lynn Redgrave (Best Supporting Actress), in addition to winning Best Feature Film at the 1999 Independent Spirit Awards. In 2002 Mark Harris was able to launch his own film development and production company. As the Harris Company, Mark was able to convince, film partner Paul Haggis, to take a television idea Paul had and turn it into a spec feature film script first. That project was later financed and produced with Mark Harris’s efforts to become the 2005 Academy Award winner for Best Picture, CRASH, which also won Oscars for Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing. Paul Haggis was able to retain Director control through Harris’s efforts. Harris has produced over 20 films and 4 series in his career. 


DAN HARRIS | Senior Producer, Post Production Supervisor, and in-house Director

Dan Harris is a 30-year veteran in the film and television business. In the mid 80’s he joined the Cleaver family on “The New Leave it to Beaver” series for Universal TV as post supervisor, which was the first series to be cut on digital.  In the early 90’s he produced, directed, and edited several highly successful infomercials. At the end of the 90’s he directed and edited a children’s television series, for the Family Channel, “Hobart & Cosmo”.  In 1998 he was with Regent Entertainment for two years as distribution and acquisitions manager& post supervisor on several of Regent’s feature films.  He has been involved in over 30 major projects ranging from feature films such as the Academy Award winning film CRASH, to television shows, live sports events, concert events, and documentaries.  He pioneered several Stereoscopic technologies advancing the field of 3D cinema. Recently he directed & edited a 3D music video, directed the very first3D Reality Show, directed & edited a 3D multi-cam live sports event for Direct TV., and produced, directed & edited a 3D short documentary for NASA. The last two years he was lead produced and edited for promos and trailers at Saban Brands. 

DARYA DANESH | Director of Operations

Darya Danesh has enjoyed a distinguished career as producer, line producer, and production supervisor for a wide variety of film, television, music videos and commercials. She’s produced for PBS, SYFY, Directv, Nat Geo, The Mark Harris Co., Cesar’s Way and Mad Minds. She co-founded Elevate Films, Elevate Film Festival (48hr Festival) and Studio Binder, the popular web-based production management solution.

MAGGIE BELLOMY | Head of Animation

With a degree in Computer Animation from the Ringling School of Art and Design, Maggie’s artistic and technical skills make her uniquely qualified to lead and manage CGI and animation productions. Her work includes 4D stereoscopic rides, concert centerpieces, special event extravaganzas, feature films, television and video games. A few of her clients include: Bacardi, Houston Space Center, SHI International, LEGO, Evergrande and the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas. Maggie works tirelessly to create groundbreaking animation and visually stunning effects in all her productions. She strives to over-deliver and to put every dollar of the budget on the screen. She develops and improves the pipeline on each production to increase productivity, shorten turn-around times, and improve the final product.

NANCY FULTON | Director of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development 

Nancy began her career creating curricula for Autodesk on computer aided design and animation applications. In the early 1990's the she launched a subscription based training site which supported thousands of working designers, animators, and engineers, including Walt Disney Imagineering, Frank Gehry &  Associates, and Arup and Partners. In 2014, while serving as senior curricula developer and business mentor for an international entrepreneur training program, she co-founded a Fractional CTO company that uses agile development techniques to create state-of-the-art iPhone and Android apps for clients. She currently supports an active network of 40K+ entertainment industry pros with events and resources. 

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